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Jupiter 2023-20024


Jupiter 10-1-2024 17h15UT C14 Basler 640 RGB-filters

Jupiter 2024-01-08 17h16 UT C14 Basler 640 RGB-filter

Jupiter 2023-11-20 20h49 UT C14 RGB filters Basler 640

Jupiter 2023-10-22 23h49 UT R-filter C14

The eye of Jupiter.
The day before yesterday was cloudy and occasionally there was a hole so I could only take one shot with a red filter,
which was a shame because I would have liked to make an RGB shot in these conditions.
Recording is a 2 minute AVI with the C14 and a red filter, so no Winjupos.
For the sake of clarity, I have included a negative image for the first time.
The idea is to be able to see more details, especially in the Great Red Spot.
You can clearly see the higher resolution in the negative image, rotating current with dark cloud structure in the middle.


Jupiter 2023-10-16 22h41 UT C14 RGB filters Basler 640


Jupiter 2022

Jupiter 2022-10-11 21h56 UT
C14 RGB filters Basler 640

Jupiter 2022-10-8 22h10 UT
C14 RGB filters Basler 640

Jupiter and Io 2022-10-02-23h36UT
C14, RGB filters, Basler 640

Four major moons of Jupiter, Io, Europa, Callisto and Ganymede. 2022-09-22 Telescope C14, RGB filters, Basler 640

Jupiter 2022-09-22-00h43UT
C14, RGB filters, Basler 640

Jupiter 2022-09-04-01h50UT
C14, RGB filters, Basler 640

Jupiter 2022-08-24-02h19UT
C14, RGB filters, Basler 640

Jupiter and moon Europa
8-8-2022-02h27 UT. System: I II III C.M.: 140.4° 134.1° 51.4°
C14, RGB filters, Basler 640

Jupiter 2017

Jupiter 2017-05-26 20h50UT C14


Animation: Reappearance of the moon Io

Jupiter 2017-05-14 19h46 UT C14

Jupiter 2017-05-10 20h42 UT C14

Jupiter 2017-04-08 RGB images C14

Jupiter Annimation 8-4-2017

Jupiter 2017-04-23 20h53 UT C14

Jupiter 2017-04-09 00h04 UT C14

Jupiter 2017-04-08 23h01 UT C14

Jupiter 3-4-2017 C14

Jupiter 2016

Jupiter 2016-05-01 19h33 UT

Jupiter 20-4-2016 C14 Basler Ace 640

an hour Jupiter rotation 2016-04-20

Jupiter 2016-03-17 C14 Basler Ace 640

Jupiter and Calsito 2016-03-17 22h41 UT

Jupiter 2016-03-14 C14 Basler Ace 640

Jupiter 2016-03-07 C14 Basler Ace 640

Jupiter 2016-03-07 23h29 UT C14

Jupiter 30-1-2016 observation

jupiter 29-2-2016-bosman

Jupiter 2016-02-25 23h32 UT C14

Jupiter 2016-02-11 23h20UT C14

Jupiter 2014-2015

Jupiter 2015-04-06 19h49UT C14

Jupiter 2015-3-22 C14

Jupiter 2015-03-22 19h40 UT C14

Jupiter 2015-03-17 19h19UT C14

Jupiter 2015-03-10 19h38 UT C14

Jupiter 2015-02-11

Jupiter 2015-02-11 21h47UT

Jupiter 2015-02-06-22h32 UT

Jupiter 2015-02-03 23h17 UT

Jupiter RRGB 2015-01-20 23h42 UT

Jupiter 2015-01-20 23h42 UT C14 RGB

Jupiter and Io 2014-11-25 05h00 UT RGB

Jupiter 2014-11-13 05h25 UT C14 RGB


Jupiter 2013-2014

Jupiter 2014-03-24 19h00 UT

Jupiter 2014-03-21 19h13 UT

Jupiter 2014-03-12 18h55UT

Jupiter session 2014-3-6

Jupiter 2014-03-04 19h29 UT

Jupiter 2014-02-26 19h02 UT

Jupiter 2014-02-23 18h00 UT

Jupiter 2014 2 22 animation

Jupiter and Io 22-01-2014

Jupiter and Io 2014-01-14-22h31 UT C14

Jupiter 2013-12-10 C14

Jupiter-2013 12 11 00h35 UT C14

Jupiter 2013 12 11 01h11 UT C14

Jupiter 2013 10 07 03h45 UT C14 Full size

Jupiter 2013 09 27 04h10 UT C14

Jupiter 2013 09 05 04h19 UT C14

Jupiter 29/8/2013 C14 @f25 Basler CCD full size

Jupiter 2012

Jupiter 19 /11/2012 Celestron C11

Jupiter 15 /11/2012 Celestron C11


Jupiter 2011

Jupiter 2011/9/28 Celestron C11

 Jupiter 2009

              Jupiter and Europa 2009/6/17 05h47 UT full size

                              Jupiter 2008

                        Jupiter 2008/7/16 full size alt. 20.1

                                   Jupiter 2007

                                Jupiter 2007/7/30 full size


                                Jupiter 2007/7 3 full size

                                     Jupiter full size 

                            Jupiter 2006



                                 Jupiter 2005

                   Jupiter 2005/4/21   ToUcam Pro full size


                                        Jupiter 2004

                             Jupiter 2004/3/7 animation










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